about us

Look up Stomp in the online dictionary and you will find the following definition: "Stomp" British bred, Raw, loud, mini-packaged off road dirt bikes with savage performance, best in class quality, comprehensive network of dealers, A1 support, parts and tuning Ok.. so, we fibbed about the online dictionary, but anyone who knows our bikes and company will tell you the rest is true!

Many other companies such as funbikes (Fun Bikes), Ten Ten (10ten), CWbikes have attempted to emulate to Stomp model over the years with varying degrees of success. Often accused of selling sub-standard Chinese bikes made to look like Stomps, without the all-important dealer network and spares back up they make up the ‘also ran’ brands of the UK market.

Stomp was born in 2005, the brainchild of Automotive Design Engineer Marc Brotherton. Marc had previously worked for the major automotive companies as an engineer and project manager specialising in advanced engine technology. Utilising his degree in Automotive Design and his solid industry experience, he set to work on a career change that would inspire motorcycle racers from all over the world. Starting from an old shed on a farm in Hampshire, the first Stomp bikes were put together, modified and tuned by Marc and raced at Angmering raceway.

The team quickly progressed picking up local championship titles and fending off visits from rival pit bike companies such as Monster Moto, Xsport and Thumpstar. Amongst other young hopefuls, Stomp took on Callan Wood aged just 16 years old who would later become British Champion for Stomp (eventually leaving the company to form CW Bikes).. As the company progressed Stomp went on to win multiple British titles over 6 years in all classes raced and even sent a team to Vegas to race in the world minibike championships. Everything the team learned was fed back into the design of the bikes until ultimately Stomp became the largest Pit Bike company in the world (circa 2009).
In 2007 Stomp formed an alliance with the Kayo Moto factory that remains strong to this day. Kayo do not manufacture bikes for any other pitbike company in the UK and therefore this continues to give Stomp a huge advantage over any other Pit Bike brand. Kayo is by far the biggest Pit Bike factory in the world who also now specialise in ATV’s and Quads (sold by Stomp in the UK) and full size motocross MX motorcycles. Kayo also have an extensive racing team of their own who dominate pit bike and dirt bike MX racing in the far east. One of the reasons Kayo is so successful, is that the factory owner Dai is an ex Honda manufacturing engineer. So basically, you have this culmination of advanced engine technology, race pedigree and Honda inspired build quality, that forms the Stomp Brand.

In 2012 Stomp bought out leading competitor Demon X and in 2015 bought-out and resurrected Thumpstar (one of the original major pit bike brands forced into liquidation) - not to be confused with the Australian copy brand. Stomp also owns and distributes WPB (Welsh Pit Bikes). In conclusion, when you buy a Stomp, you are buying a part in a living history. One man’s dream to be the best, to inspire a generation, that ultimately led to the creation of the most successful pit bike legacy in motorcycle history. The world’s biggest, the most race wins, the most smiles and ultimately the most fun for your £’s than any other bike money can buy. So, what are you waiting for? Get out and ride.

The Stomp ethos has always been the same:

Make it Fast
Make it Quality
Make it affordable
Make it fun

One of the key strengths making Stomp such a force to be reckoned with over the years, is the Honda/Kawasaki KLX based engines sourced from Lifan, YX and Zhongshen.

All Stomp engines are modified and tuned at the Kayo assembly factory using Stomp proprietary knowledge, parts and technology.