Description and specification

The perfect entry level bike for field hackers and back yard bashers. The Stomp 110 FXJ packs a punch and puts a smile on your face! New TS plastics have transformed this old classic which started in 2007 to give it a new look for 2020 and beyond. Put it on your wish list now.

Engine Bullet proof YX 110cc manual engine with all-up gearbox
Filter 19mm carb with double foam filter
Cases Aluminium shot blast finished with Stomp logo
Exhaust Stylish stealth race exhaust
Frame Light-weight steel spine frame
Swing arm Revised light-weight tig welded 390mm
Forks Conventional oil filled forks with strong steel triple clamps
Shock Stronger revised 280mm shock with steel bushes
Wheels 14/12 sdg wheels with steel
Tyres Superb durable and tough innova pattern mx tyres
Cylinders and calipers Improved and revised light-weight brake master cylinders and calipers
Rotors Vented light-weight rotors 210/180mm

Pipe Mandrill bent big bore 28mm race pipe
Bars Pro-taper style minibike bars
Clutch and levers Forged alloy
Chain 420 KMC chain with engraved alloy/nylon chain guide
Rear sprocket 420 41t lightweight durable
Selector Fold back
Footpegs NEW upgraded PRO pegs
Tank reinforced poly resin 5.5 ltr
Seat revised firmer seat with Stomp logo
Plastics Hi impact TS polypropylene
Graphics New Stomp race graphics kit with Stomp race sponsor’s logos
Seat height 73cm
Weight 64kg
Weight limit 15 stone

Image Gallery

full size jb90 pit bike
full size jb90 pit bike
full size jb90 pit bike
full size jb90 pit bike
full size jb90 pit bike
full size jb90 pit bike
full size jb90 pit bike